Why get your courses approved by IIRSM?

IIRSM course approval brings the value of IIRSM’s brand and standards together with your expertise to form a partnership for the delivery of training.  

Getting your courses approved by IIRSM provides the following benefits: 

  • Independent recognition, providing trust and credibility. 

  • Aligns your courses to an internationally recognised brand and competency framework. 

  • Helps to raise employee competence and confidence in their job roles. 

  • Trainer competence is verified by IIRSM. 

  • Your company on the IIRSM website. 

We have recently made changes to the process and these include: 

  • Streamlined and online applications with quicker assessment turnarounds. 

  • Alignment of approved courses with the IIRSM Risk Management and Leadership Competence Framework. 

  • Lower initial spend and time commitment making approvals more accessible. 

  • Renewals and additions have a ‘light touch’ process and lower fees. 

We will consider approving courses from all risk-related disciplines and the process will provide confirmation that your course(s) meet the quality standards and expectations of IIRSM. 


First time application

Those organisations who have never applied before are able to submit up to five courses for approval. Any agreement will be for 18 months in the first instance. You will need to complete a thorough and detailed submission through the linked Survey Monkey form.

Adding to existing courses

If you already have some courses approved with IIRSM, you can add new courses, revise or add a new version of an existing course to your portfolio provided it falls within range of the number of courses in your initial application, at no additional cost.

Renewal of existing courses

At the end of your current agreement period, you have the option to renew with a discount. Minor changes to existing courses and changes in trainers (as long as they are still IIRSM members) are permitted provided you can ensure the overall quality and substance of the courses remains intact.

Your application type will depend on: 

  • If your organisation is new to IIRSM Course Approval, making a first-time application. 

  • If your organisation wishes to add a brand-new, revised or new version of an existing course to an already approved portfolio. 

  • If your organisation wishes to renew their course approval agreement. 

  • Use the links above to apply.

 For all courses IIRSM approves, you must ensure that: 

  • Trainers remain IIRSM members, at least at Associate level, for the period of your approval. 

  • Your organisation complies with any interim actions or additional course reviews IIRSM requests. 

  • Delegates are invited to provide feedback at the end of their course, and this must be retained by your organisation for a minimum of 12 months following each delivery (we reserve the right to request samples of completed forms). 

  • Courses align to the IIRSM Risk Management and Leadership Competency Framework.  

  • Your organisation promotes the benefits of IIRSM membership to delegates attending all approved courses. 


Find out about IIRSM Course Approval

Find out all you need to know about how to apply to have your courses approved by IIRSM.

IIRSM Risk Management and Competence Framework

All approved courses will be aligned to the IIRSM Risk Management and Competence Framework.


Bringing the value of IIRSM’s brand and standards together with your expertise.

Companies & Organisations with IIRSM approved courses

Selected courses from the organisations below have met the criteria of IIRSM's course approval scheme and are currently approved by us. Not all training courses offered by a company will be approved by IIRSM. 

Delegates attending IIRSM approved training courses are entitled to discounts on IIRSM membership. If you are thinking of booking onto a IIRSM approved course, your training provider will be able to share further information.  



“Our stress and stress risk courses are approved by IIRSM and demonstrate to customers added value to their organisations that the courses have met the IIRSM high-quality standards. The courses are up-to-date research based and provide delegates with best practice and knowledge from real life examples. There is the benefit of receiving a IIRSM Certificate when the course is completed which is a huge added bonus to all delegates – this demonstrates the value of IIRSM approval.” 
Jessica Smyrl, YSM Solutions 


“We have used IIRSM as a main awarding body for three years. The initial set up was extremely easy and we were guided through the process in a professional manner. This ease of use has continued throughout the period. The acknowledgement from both the client's and the learner's perspective of the quality of the IIRSM marque has been reassuring. We are proud to use IIRSM alongside other awarding bodies. I fully recommend IIRSM to any potential training organisation.” 
Paul Boyes, Managing Director, Intellelearn 

For more details, email approval@iirsm.org